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Shhhhhhhh. I’m busy stalking kittens

June 9, 2005

There's been a great deal of excitement in the alley behind the Signal office this week. Well, at least for me. The latest round of downtown kittens are finally up and around. I've been monitoring them closely.

For the past nine months, I've been catless. That's the first time since college and I'm not going to tell you how long ago that was. Suffice it to say, it has to be referred to in decades.

Anyway, there have been numerous people after me. "Get a cat," they say. Well, I've been through a whole boat-load of cats over the last 20-plus years and I've gotten pretty particular. Kind of like a cat.

My preferred breed of cat is not something fancy. Basically, it's a gray and black short-haired tabby. We refer to it as a "Tunsis" cat, named after the Saturday Night Live skit of years ago. My preference there actually started in college with my first cat, Burt. He was an alley cat and stayed for awhile and moved on.

When a friend had some kittens, there was a tabby and I grabbed him. Moses. Well, actually Moses Malone Myrick. He had a brother, all gray, that came along, too. That was Al. Mo and Al are how they started name wise. They evolved, much like the Moses Malone shows.

Last year I saw several "teenage Tunsis" in the alley, but they were too big and wild for capture. Plus, I didn't need a cat. So, when I saw a tiny kitten last Monday, I was excited. It was all black, but I figured there were more and maybe some Tunsis types.

The next day, there were two. Both all black. The next day, there were three, the two black ones and a gray one. Still no Tunce. Finally, I got to see the whole litter. There were four. The fourth was a weird mix like I've never seen. Mostly gray, but some orange twinges.

There would be no Tunsis this time, but I've started thinking hard about the gray one. You remember Al. Well, as cat fate would have it, Al was the longest tenured cat ever. He lived to the ripe old age of 16. He was my favorite cat of all time. And, how did his name evolve? Say this fast, but this was his name. Aberdeen Albert Einstein Dewey Head Monster Boy. Moses had run away before he could have as many additions.

So, I've been stalking kittens. I thought they had disappeared over the weekend. I didn't see them Monday or Tuesday. But, Tuesday night when I walked that way, the ladies who have been watching with me said they'd seen them. All four of them. They said they don't know how I'll catch one because they're already wild.

I packed the fishing net into the car Wednesday morning. So, if you see me lurking in the alley, net in hand, I'm looking for Albert's reincarnation. And, please don't bother the crazy man.

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