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Letters to the Editor

June 2, 2005

To the editor:

I've been to several Kansas State track meets over the years and competed in four. During that time I have been witness to the atmosphere created by the athletes that saturates the meet. Since leaving high school and the state meet I have seen world class athletes compete in venues all over the United States. From the prestigious antiquity that surrounds the Drake Relays, to the state of the art facilities and perfect weather associated with most California meets, this past weekend, and the Baldwin athletes, reminded me why nothing I have yet seen moves me more than to walk into Cessna Stadium to be a part of what's going on inside.

I do not wish to write of all that the state meet means to me. I just wish to say what I have said in hopes that it will add a little weight to what I am about to say. With all the track and field that I have seen and experienced during my running days, I don't believe I can say I have been more excited than I was this weekend for all the athletes on Baldwin's team. I would like to congratulate everyone, but there are seven people that I wish to single out to be recognized more so for what they accomplished.

Four of those people are the members of the boy's 4x800-meter relay team: Sam Hinton, Spencer Wilson, Chris Elniff, and Zac Towns. Simply put, outstanding job, gentlemen. This is your day, enjoy what you have done, and my hat is off to you. This was a fantastic race to watch, and I am very grateful that I was able to witness one of the great races in Baldwin track history. To anyone reading this, these guys ran with great precision, guts, and did what is most important to do at the state meet: they got the job done. I won't soon forget that one fellas.

The next two people I would like pat on the back are to be added to Zac Towns and Spencer Wilson. Those two are John Brown and Jeremy Wright. These four guys made up our 4x400-meter relay team that came painfully close to winning a state title only to get nipped at the line. Some might say "that's too bad for those guys," or "that's a sad ending for the seniors," or some other uninformed remark that shows they know little about track. Here's what I have to say to you guys. You're my heroes, and then also ... wow. 3:24 is hauling, and if for even a moment you second guess your races, just simply stop it because you ran the races of your lives up to this point, and someone else just had a little more. Track isn't run for the medals, guys. It's run to be able to be with each other in a moment so few will experience, and to be tried by the fire. In my book, you passed the test, and I'll say it again, my hat's off to you all.

I have saved the last congratulatory remark for a truly awesome runner, and as I have gathered from the little time I spent around her, a wonderful person as well. Heather Garcia scored 19 points for the Baldwin girls. For a meet where points are ridiculously hard to come by, 19 is, well, a lot. Although this is great, in my opinion, this is not the most amazing thing Heather did. She could have scored nothing, and I would have been equally impressed, and still writing this congrats. I have been in her shoes (although not scoring 19 points at a freshman), and I know what she has just done. The greatest thing she did was run three races over the span of 10 hours with the fight and heart of a champion. It may not sink in for some time, but it is round one of four, and each round brings its own challenges, frustrations and joys. She did all that she could for this round, and it was an absolute joy to watch.

It is my hope for the future of Baldwin track that any aspiring runners can look to performances like those this past weekend, and see the tremendous good in all of them. I'm extremely proud to say I was witness to one of the finest state meets in which Baldwin has ever competed.

Matt Noonan

Baldwin City

To the Editor:

Baldwin City has a strong tradition of supporting its library. Since the first City Library opened in the basement of Baldwin's City Hall in 1916, the community has developed a variety of fundraisers to help the library grow and prosper. Two of the earliest were a musical recital by a Baker music professor and area grade school children, and a travel lecture on Alaska by a noted speaker in 1918.

In 1987, the Friends of the Baldwin City Library was founded to raise money for a new library building and started many of the fundraising activities it still promotes today -- the City-Wide Garage Sale and spring and fall plant sales.

Baldwin City residents again have an opportunity to support the library while making a little cash and lightening their loads. The 18th annual Baldwin City-Wide Garage Sale is scheduled for Saturday, June 4.

Directories are available for $1 on Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon at the Library, Seventh and High streets, and in front of the Baldwin Athletic Club, on the north side of U.S. Highway 56, between Eighth and Ninth streets. The Friends of the Baldwin City Library uses the proceeds from the directory sales to help sponsor Baldwin City's summer reading program, guest speakers, Book Talks, Night of a 1,000 Stars and to purchase new library materials.

Thank you for supporting our library and for participating in this community-wide event.

The Friends of the Baldwin City Library

To the editor:

I would like to thank our music and art instructors at Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center and Baldwin Junior High School. Jocelyn Leonard did an outstanding job on the spring music performance. My first grader arrives home singing some new song almost every day. I would also like to acknowledge Will Cooper, Jodie Eldridge and Marsene Feldt for keeping music and art alive in our schools. Also, I would like to thank Jill Robbs and Rebecca Schnackenberg. They have filled in during the last couple of months at BJHS for Mrs. Eldridge. I know funding is limited and I am so impressed with their efforts. It is a wonderful thing to see a child learn to express themselves through art or music. I am sure I missed some others who should also be acknowledged so again thank you all for your hard work. It is noticed and appreciated.

Christina and Darren Lawrenz

Baldwin City

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