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European experience

June 2, 2005

A semester in England gave Baldwin High School alumnae Kyrstan Hubbel and Becky Weaver a chance to see different cultures along with foreign views of the United States.

Hubbel and Weaver returned to the U.S. with other Baker University students in early May. They both said they were glad to be back home again.

"I was glad to get off the plane and see my family again," Weaver said.

Hubbel also said she was glad to see her family along with others.

"It was nice to see people I hadn't seen in a while," Hubbel said. "It was also nice to see normal stuff again."

Both Hubbel and Weaver said they enjoyed their semester overseas.

"All of if was great," Weaver said. "It was exciting to travel everywhere and go to another country if I wanted to."

Hubbel said she found out how other countries view Americans.

"I had a great time and it was a lot of fun," Hubbel said. "It was interesting to see how outside cultures thought of Americans."

Both said they were able to travel to many countries during their time in Europe. Hubbel said she went to Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Austria and France.

"Munich was one of my favorite cities," Hubbel said. "We went on a bike tour and the tour guide was really cool. He told us that many of the buildings were destroyed in World War II."

Weaver also went to some of the same places, along with Amsterdam, Athens, Florence and Rome.

"I enjoyed the convenience of being able to see different cultures," Weaver said.

Despite the constant traveling and visiting places, Hubbel and Weaver had to take a semester's worth of classes at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England.

Most students take around 12 hours of classes while at Harlaxton. Weaver said the four classes she took were British Studies, American Literature, Economics and British Romantic Art History.

"The British professors were very knowledgeable," Weaver said. "We could incorporate everything to England."

One of the benefits from the semester was meeting new friends. Weaver said she met many friends from Baker and also from the University of Evansville.

"Everyone from Baker was great," said Weaver, who has attended Simpson College until this past semester. "They really took me in. I also met a lot of people from Evansville."

Hubbel said she and Weaver also got to know each other better overseas.

"Becky and I became pretty good friends over there," Hubbel said. "We really weren't before."

This next fall Hubbel will return as a senior to Baker University, while Weaver will be a junior at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.

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