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Gillispie competing for Heisman trophy

July 28, 2005

Freshman quarterback Jimmy Gillispie has just led the No. 1 ranked Michigan Wolverines to the NCAA Championship, capping off an undefeated season.

OK, so it's not real, but it is as close to reality as I can get when I play the new NCAA Football 2006 video game on my X-Box.

Yes, I bought the game about two weeks ago when it came out, and I have been hooked on it during my free time. The choice whether or not to buy the game, really wasn't a choice at all.

I also own the 2004 version of the game, but I didn't buy the 2005 version. I am a huge fan of college football video games and I couldn't go without buying the game for two years. So I forked over the money and bought it.

The first night I had the game, I sat in front of my television for about three hours figuring out the game and finding the new features. But, it was when I first turned on the game is when I got hooked.

The game turned on and took me to a game mode I had never seen before. A coach was telling a bunch of high school players about how this was their time to shine for the college scouts. I later came to find out this was the new game mode, Race for the Heisman. It starts a player out as a freshman at a school and they play a college career with that team.

To start the game mode I had to choose a position for the drill I was about to run. I am fairly skilled at running the ball, so I naturally chose a running back. The drill required me to run 10 repetitions of the same drill and see how many touchdowns I could score. After it was over, three schools wanted me to sign with them or I could walk on for a team.

Since I didn't do very well I returned to the drill a few times, before finally deciding to try a scrambling quarterback. This is where my love for college football comes in.

The one reason I prefer college football games over the NFL games is the option. I love to run the option because a fast quarterback can kill defenses. I love being able to bounce the ball outside and either keep it with the quarterback or pitch to the running back.

The quarterback I created and named after myself was required to run the option for the drill. I did so well on it I was recruited by three top-10 teams. I love Michigan's fight song and the colors, so I naturally chose the Wolverines.

Then I led my team to an undefeated season and a national championship. My main wide receiver won the Heisman Trophy, my running back was second in the voting and I was third.

This game mode is so much fun because the gamer becomes a football player at a major university. The player even receives fan mail from students.

Besides the Race for the Heisman mode, the game is similar to the 2005 version. One slight difference is the speed of the game. This year's version plays a little faster, which makes it closer to real-life game speed.

The online capabilities with the game are outstanding, because it keeps track of hundreds of statistics, previous games, percentage of unfinished games and many more things.

I am not trying to endorse the game at all, but if you love football video games, then you better pick up a copy of the new NCAA Football. And, maybe you can get good enough to stop my Michigan attack, but I doubt it.

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