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City council finds alcohol on agenda

July 28, 2005

There may be Sunday beer sales in Baldwin's future, but there won't be any alcohol with out liquid (AWOL) dispensing after discussion at Monday's city council meeting.

Frank Foye, owner of the Santa Fe Market convenience store at Ames and Sixth streets, brought the Sunday sales idea before the council.

"I'm here about Sunday beer sales," said Foye. "I just wanted to get this on the council's agenda. It would be for convenience stores and liquor stores."

Kansas has allowed alcohol sales on Sundays for about a year. But, that's been on a city-by-city basis mostly and only involved liquor stores. New legislation that became effective July 1 requires cities that have allowed the sales in the past must pass ordinances by Nov. 15 and also allow cereal malt beverage sales in convenience stores.

Mayor Gary Walbridge told Foye the matter would be considered.

The other alcohol-related matter came from the second reading of adopting the Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities. The council had approved it for second reading, but there was an addition to the code before final approval.

That addition states "It is unlawful for any person to use an alcohol with out liquid machine to introduce alcohol to the body. Also, the 'purchase, sale or offer for sale of an alcohol with out liquid machine' is unlawful."

Council member Tony Brown had never heard about the AWOL machine and wanted to know more.

"I don't know anything about the new way to put alcohol in your body," said Brown. "Is there a reason we want to make this illegal?"

City Clerk Peggy Nichols explained that it was just a housekeeping matter for the code because the state has already outlawed the machines.

According to the company that makes the machines, "AWOL consists of two components: an oxygen generator and a hand-held vaporizer. Tubes from the generator attach to the vaporizer. The users chooses an 80-proof spirit, which is poured into the vaporizer. Oxygen mixes with the alcohol producing a mist which is inhaled through the mouth."

But, not in Baldwin City, Kansas. The council approved the changes to the code, including the banning of AWOL machines, by a unanimous vote. Council member Doyle Jardon said he'd seen a segment on a television news program on the machines.

"They talked about it being like binge drinking by college students," said Jardon. "It wasn't responsible adults having a couple of drinks before bed."

"I'd never seen anything about this until this," Brown said.

The council also unanimously approved on second reading the adoption of Standard Traffic Ordinances for Kansas Cities. There were no additions there.

Also, the council heard again from Delbert Sheldon regarding the cost of building permits. Sheldon, who is wanting to expand his storage unit buildings, had addressed the council at the last meeting regarding the cost of the permit, which had skyrocketed since he first started building the units years ago.

He wanted to make it clear that he wasn't against codes and regulations, but just wanted correct numbers to be used in determining costs. The city figure he had first been told would be used was in excess of $40 per square foot of construction. The number that should be used, he said, was $10.55 per square foot. His units have no plumbing or other utilities. Sheldon was told to come to the next meeting and the council would decide.

"We'll look over the numbers, Delbert," said Walbridge. "Get on the agenda for next time and we'll have a decision for you."

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