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Not quite as cranky this time

July 21, 2005

I know I went on a few rants last week. I'm not going to do that again. Well, maybe not too much. I was in a real chipper mood today until computer weirdness took over. That'll change your outlook, won't it?

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  • There's just no way you can be upset after the wonderful rain we had Tuesday. It was exactly what we needed. An inch or two, depending on where you are, but all of it coming down nice and gentle. A good soaking rain is what it was. It doesn't get better than that.

The bonus was, it was unexpected, too. I know I must have watched five or six different weather segments Monday night. All the forecasters were saying in regards to rain was a chance -- a slim chance, mind you -- of widely scattered "pop-up" showers. They even doubted that would happen.

Well, I don't know about other areas, but our "pop-up" shower started around 5 a.m. and lasted well into the afternoon. It was a nice, steady, gentle rain and just what we needed.

I was anxious to hear what the forecasters might have to say about the rain. Unfortunately, it was Tuesday, which means long hours at the computer and little, if any, time for watching TV. I did catch the weather at noon. That weather person admitted being wrong. But, she also said she wasn't hearing any complaints.

No, there weren't any complaints, but it once again convinced me of what I've come to believe with weather forecasters. They have no more clue what the weather is going to do than anyone. But, they sure get paid well for it.

And, as usual, I'll keep watching. I just can't help it. I've always been a fan of fiction, so that's how I'll view weather forecasting from here on out.

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  • No, there weren't any complaints about Tuesday's weather. Same can't be said of Wednesday's. What a steam bath. And, if I don't miss my guess because I'm sure not putting my faith in the forecasters, we're going to be in this nasty heat for awhile.

But, you can't rant about it. It's weather. It's summer. It's July. You certainly don't have to like it. I sure don't. I don't think my computer does, either. Maybe that's why the doggone thing has gone haywire.

But, please, not on Wednesday.

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  • Well, Thomas tooted his way back out of town this week. I know for two weeks there are a lot of people who get tired of hearing about Thomas. That's too bad.

The phenomenon known as Thomas continues to amaze me. The traffic it brings into Baldwin can't be missed. For Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of his annual two-week stay, there's a steady stream of cars into town -- a goodly portion of them with Johnson County tags -- that just doesn't happen.

I get a kick out of watching it.

It still amazes me that thousands of people flock to town for Thomas. This year was a record breaker, with 16,600 riding Thomas. Now -- and here's a warning: journalist doing math -- what that tells me is at $14 a pop, that's $232,400. And, that's just to ride the train.

No telling how much more money is dropped out at the depot on Thomas souvenirs and what-not and around town in food, gas, etc. Thomas has certainly become a big part of Baldwin's economy.

Toot, toot, Thomas. Thanks.

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