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NHS assists Shcild in well funding

July 14, 2005

The Baldwin High School National Honor Society still continues their organization's duties even when school is not in session. And as the weather begins to heat up, so is the fundraising campaign that NHS began last school year.

The fundraiser for a well was started to aid the village of Jammbo, Senegal, where Beth Schild, a 1998 BHS graduate has spent one year working in the Peace Corps. Schild has 10 more months left and would really like to give the well back to the village who has treated her with so much hospitality.

Schild came home in June to share her experience with NHS members, family and faculty with a slide show on June 29. She shared many experiences and stories during her presentation, along with explaining her job.

Schild's task in Jammbo is to educate the community of 2,000 about sanitation and safe water. Right now, the village uses the Senegal River to bathe themselves, their animals, to do their laundry, to urinate and defecate, and to drink from. The closest place for clean water is from a well in the village one kilometer away, and as anyone could guess, it's not too often that the journey is made to haul water back to Jammbo.

The community in Jammbo is working to raise 25 percent of the money needed to bring clean water to their village, while the rest is up to us.

The fundraiser set up by the NHS is titled "Fill the Well" and will run from July 1 - October 1. A goal of $3,000 has been set. NHS is setting targeted donations amounts of $3 for one gallon of water, $30 for 10 gallons, or $300 for 100 gallons toward "filling the well" with 1,000 gallons.

Donations of any amount can be given to Baldwin State Bank at either of its locations or to Baldwin High School, in care of NHS. Progress on this fundraiser will be shown by a poster located at the entrance of the grocery store branch of the Baldwin State Bank, where the donors will be recognized for their contributions. Our "village" of Baldwin can help "fill the well" and support Schild's goal of bringing clean water to a whole village of Jammbo, Senegal.

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