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Letter to the Editor

July 14, 2005

To the Editor:

The Kansas State Board of Education conservative majority's certification of anticipated funds for schools demonstrates reckless contempt for the Supreme Court's constitutional obligation to check the irresponsible actions of the Legislature and to restore a balance to the Legislature's duty to fund schools across the state suitably.

Multi-month certifying funds for schools grossly misconstrues the statue to meet preconceived goals to shift responsibilities for operating schools this fall from the legislature to the courts. This sets a poor example for your young people, that whenever we don't get the outcomes we want, we simply rewrite the rules. This was done in dealing with the science standards; it's done again in this instance where the political campaign is afoot to trash the courts rather than assuring our schools have the resources they need to educate every child.

The people of Kansas will not be fooled by these political skirmishes. Our children deserve the best schools we can provide. That means our outstanding schools need additional resources based on actual costs to provide every child with a teacher who teaches him or her what is needed to know and is learned by every child.

Kansas voters should express their indignation and outrage at board members who play these games and legislators who spend their time throwing rocks at the Supreme Court, rather than appropriating funds that moves Kansas toward suitability while developing indicators of actual costs to shape future appropriations.

Bill Wagnon, Topeka

District 4 Member

Kansas State Board of Education

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