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Column: Extra innings, free hat improve game

July 14, 2005

After attending a Kansas City Royals game Sunday, I have to admit that it wasn't as bad as I had imagined, even though they did lose.

I am not a very big baseball fan, so I haven't followed the Royals' season very much. All I know is that they are bad and last place in their division by many games.

But when my sister offered me a ticket to Sunday's game, I jumped at the chance to go. I love being outside and going to Royals' games because they are fun and, mostly, because I don't care how the game winds up.

I will say that when the game came down to the wire, I was hooting and hollering for the hometown team.

We got to the game a couple hours before it started. This was partly because we had nothing better to do and also because there were $1 hot dogs and $1 drinks before the game.

Sunday, the Royals celebrated the Negro League by having festivities before the game and having many players sign autographs prior to the game. We just took part in the cheap food and drinks, but it was incredible to see many of the old Negro League players.

After awhile of goofing around in the parking lot, and almost losing a toy ball, we decided to head into the "K." As we walked in, we received a free KC Monarchs baseball hat. I knew the day was going to be good when I got the hat.

The seats we had were great, because the sun was out of sight and they were in the lower section. They were also given to us from our aunt and uncle.

The Royals gave up two runs the top of the first inning, and I thought I was about to witness a massacre. But instead, I saw a great baseball game.

After trailing 2-0 for a few innings, the Royals' Mike Sweeney cranked a solo home run to close the lead to 2-1. The game continued like that until the bottom of the ninth inning.

I flipped my hat around to make the "rally cap" in the ninth inning, and it worked. Sweeney again hit a home run, almost to the same seat, that tied the game 2-2. So, we were headed to extra innings.

In the top of the 12th inning, the Royals gave up one run on a broken bat single. So, it was again time for the "rally cap." I was yelling and screaming for the Royals to tie the game.

Sweeney came up to bat first, but unfortunately struck out. Then the Royals' Matt Stairs drove a ball to deep center, but a Minnesota Twins player robbed him of the home run at the top of the wall.

I stood in dismay because the game should have been tied, but instead it was over after the next batter.

As I left the park, I thought about how much fun I had just experienced. I must say it was one of the best Royals game I have ever been to. And, if I get the chance, I just might have to go back to the "K" again this summer.

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