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There was plenty of fireworks fun

July 7, 2005

Baldwin City had its usual good time on the Fourth of July this year, but there were certainly plenty of items out of the ordinary. Sunday night's storm was quite the experience for a lot of people, especially those southwest of the city that were hit hardest.

But, mostly it was fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks. Although there is no official record kept that I know of, I think it's safe to say we had more fireworks stands here this year than ever.

And, judging from all the noise and other fun Fourth stuff, those stands must have done bang-up business. Yes, there were more than enough fireworks around Baldwin and, mostly, they were before and after the big event.

The Citizens for Baldwin City put on the community fireworks display at the ballfields for the sixth straight time. It was a very good show. Those fireworks made the rest of those going off in the night sky look pretty small.

I'd never watched the community fireworks display before. I'd always heard it was good. Now, I'm a believer. There was a good crowd on hand and they got treated to quite a show.

The CFBC does a great job with bringing fireworks to Baldwin. It's no small task. They should be congratulated, once again, for a job well done. Everyone should also think about how they could help this group.

Whether it's monetary donations or joining up with them, this dedicated group of Baldwin residents should be supported. They've been doing it for six years and the tradition they started needs to carry on.

After the fireworks show, the ballfields emptied fairly quickly. I think most everyone headed home or elsewhere for more fireworks. They were going off like crazy.

I watched for awhile, especially the ones showing from out in the country, which were also big ones. But, there were tons of smaller stuff going on all over the city.

The late-night show went on for quite awhile. I know the police had to respond to numerous fireworks calls. But, that's to be expected on the Fourth of July.

What amazed me, however, was the carnage left around town the next day. I have never seen so much fireworks trash in my life. Most of it was properly put in trash cans, boxes or whatever. But, I'm afraid, there was more than too much left scattered all over. Even driving through the stuff was crazy Tuesday morning.

If that's not bad enough, it didn't go away, at least in my neighborhood. There was no effort to clean it up. The firecracker trash was the worst. There were piles of it.

I tried to sluff it off, but I just can't. What pushed me over the edge is my neighbor-buddy cat, I call him ThunderDude, I have no idea what his name is, came strolling over Tuesday night. He's a long-haired fluffy guy whose owner takes very good care of. Poor cat had firecracker trash all through his fur.

Now, I can take the trash, but please keep it off the animals.

Another piece of advice. Don't park in the Delta Tau Delta parking lot. That fireworks mishap was a bad one. And, you want to talk about trash, that parking lot resembles a war zone right now. Dead and dying cars everywhere.

Yes, it was a wild one in Baldwin. Happy Fourth.

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