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Thanks candidates

January 27, 2005

Whether it was arm twisting, a sense of loyalty, aggravation with apathy or just a matter of getting over the procrastination, a bevy of Baldwin City and area residents finally threw their hats in the ring for positions on the city council and school board.

We applaud each and every one of them. Well, almost all of them, anyway.

Now it gets to technicalities and time for choices. There are eight openings, four each for school board and council. That makes for the possibility of some mighty big changes in the thinking and actions of the governing bodies. Every Baldwin City and school district resident should understand the ramifications.

The first of the technicalities involves Councilman Tony Brown. Since no one filed to run against him, he'll get the two-year term he ran for. In fact, he didn't have to run because he was fulfilling an unexpired term that he'd been appointed to. But, he chose to take the chance and put it up for election. He won. That's a good thing, because he's as good a council member that we have.

The other technicality is that Bill Busby is unopposed for position No. 5 on the school board. Obviously, he's in. The other three spots are contested, including a log-jam of six candidates for position No. 4. There will be a primary there, so voters need to get themselves educated about the candidates ahead of the March 1 primary.

There will also be choices to make on the other two city council positions and the mayor's position. Those won't be decided until the April 5 general election.

First of all, thanks, candidates, for stepping up. Secondly, help us inform the voters. And, lastly, voters, find out where the candidates stand on the issues. Don't make your choices because of someone else's viewpoints. We owe this to them all.

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