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Letters to the Editor

January 20, 2005

To the editor:

I have to respond to the unnecessary meeting about the stop signs. I don't believe anyone has said anything about the time consumption at the signs and also, there are no roses to smell. How about coffee? Also, there is no light where the crossing for grade school kids cross. There is only a pedestrian sign as was at the corner where college kids cross. So that was said wrong. Also, there needs to be a cop there at all times. Not just drive by. They can sit there in the Sonic area. Most people are more alert if they see a police car. I have seen cars stop from one direction but not from the other. I hope a child doesn't get hurt, or worse, on account of no patroling at school times. I am having coffee in that area at that time and have seen that occur. Also, the cops need to patrol the highway better than they do. I have seen people get in the turn lane at Eighth and Ames streets and stay in it until they reach Sixth and Ames streets to turn. Also, I have had people pass me in the turn lane because I have slowed up to turn in to the Lodge.

I encountered again this morning people getting in the turn lane from Eighth and Ames streets and staying in it until they get to the corner. A pickup pulling a trailer stayed in it but I wasn't at the end line yet, but a car was coming and I stayed in the turn lane to turn at Seventh. He noticed I was sitting there to turn and he noticed soon enough to pull into the traffic lane before we hit head on.

Somehow, people don't know what a turn lane is for. Where are the police to let the people know what it is for and when you are to turn in.

Also, saying it's not for college kids crossing but the traffic... why weren't there signs at Eighth and Grove streets or Seventh and High streets and a lot of other corners in town. Anyone who believes that reason, I think I can find a bridge to sell them. Common sense tells one a lot.

That is not a blind corner at Eighth and Dearborn streets. People park in the yellow area and put flashers on as if to say it's okay. The other day, there was one parked there talking on their cell phone. Also, I saw a student pull out from the Alpha Chi, make a U-turn, which is okay, but they didn't stop at the stop sign. They just turned east and went on. Don't tell us it is for traffic reasons. More accidents occur elsewhere than there. If you (council) are so concerned about accidents, (which I don't believe is the reason) start getting on the state about maybe a light at Eighth and Ames streets. More occur there than ever happened at Eighth and Dearborn streets. There are still many who think as I do. It's dumb.

Also, where are the cops for the Sixth Street speed limit? I try to go the limit and people behind me will turn off to another street because they don't like the 20 mph. A lot more could be said about this, but I believe we need some common sense people on the council. It's time for a lot of change there.

I would like to thank the Baldwin City crew for fixing the drainage at Eighth and Baker streets. It sure made a lot of difference. Thank you.

Phyllis Hobson

Baldwin City

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