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It’s back to school as ice storm, outages subside

January 7, 2005

The Christmas bonus for the Baldwin School District students came to an end Friday. It was back to school.

Students were scheduled to return from Christmas break on Thursday, but the ice storm that hit Baldwin on Tuesday and continued through Wednesday forced cancellation of classes Thursday.

Power outages in Baldwin as a result of the ice storm had curtailed Thursday, but the city was still without KCPL power and relying on the new city power plant. Utility director Terry McKinney said Thursday that the city had weathered this year's ice storm much better than the one that hit in 2002.

"We were much better prepared," said McKinney. "There are two big reasons for that. One, our infrastructure is in much better shape. We've replaced a lot of lines and don't have the old brittle ones. The other is we've done a lot better job with tree trimming since the last storm to keep limbs away from the lines."

There were three major outages overnight Tuesday as the ice storm was at its height and numerous other smaller outages throughout the day Wednesday as power was shut down to certain areas so crews could work on lines.

McKinney also said that there was another difference in the storm of 2005 compared to 2002.

"We didn't have the same amount of ice," he said. "Any buildup of ice is bad, but it wasn't nearly as thick as three years ago."

Still, that ice brought tree limbs and even trees down all over the city. City crews and residents were battling those Thursday and the clean up will continue for some time.

The weather only slightly altered the return of Baker University students for Interterm. Most classes went as planned, although some were canceled because of the storm Wednesday and Thursday.

Updates will continue on the Signal's Web site and next Thursday's Signal will have complete coverage.

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