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School closing decision delay senseless

January 6, 2005

We've once again been left to scratch our heads because of the decision-making process in the Baldwin School District.

When the Signal called Supt. James White late Wednesday afternoon inquiring if school would be in session Thursday or canceled because of the ice storm, he said that decision wouldn't be made until 9 p.m. that night or early Thursday morning.

Why the delay?

It was obvious in watching television news as early as 5 p.m. Wednesday that most, if not all, school districts in the affected areas of the storm were not going to have classes. The "school closing" lists scrolled along the bottom of the screen made that quite evident.

Calling off school Thursday was a no-brainer. Most districts made that decision early, which allows parents to make arrangements for sitters or others to watch their children.

The decision in Baldwin didn't come until that "magic" 9 p.m. time. By the time it was then relayed to television stations, it was more like 9:30 p.m. before it was broadcast. That makes it much more difficult to make arrangements for children without school in session.

It's understandable to delay the decision as long as possible if there's a doubt about what the weather conditions will be like the next day. That wasn't the case Thursday. It was obvious that there was no sense in running busses Thursday or having children walking to school amid the ice and freezing temperatures.

White dropped the ball on this one.

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