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New Years Eve busy in Baldwin City

January 6, 2005

Many Baldwin City residents celebrated the new year by going to the local bar and grills, as opposed to traveling to a larger, surrounding city.

The local businesses used drink specials, food specials and even local bands to attract customers on new years eve.

"It was a good local spot for people, instead of having to travel somewhere else," Kevin Cooper, general manager of the Wooden Spoke, said.

The Wooden Spoke was running a special on its new york strip and breaded shrimp. It also had the band Route 56 play from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. It also gave out complimentary champagne at midnight for a toast.

"Everybody had a wonderful time that was here," Cooper said. "People toasted the new year with champagne. All in all it was a great evening."

Puckett's Bar and Grill also brought in a band to celebrate the new year. Music Row played for three-and-a-half hours, while Puckett's also had drink specials all night.

Trent Puckett said they were busier than normal, and he was pleased with the turnout for the night.

"It started out a little slow, but by 11 it was pretty busy," Puckett said.

The Salt Mine also saw a crowd, but not as large as they have seen in previous years. Tina Davidson, bartender, said the small crowd is probably due to them not having their liquor license.

"We had a pretty decent turnout," Davidson said. "It was pretty crowded. Everybody had a good time. It was pretty laid back."

Davidson said the Salt Mine offered drink specials and free munchies, but they had to close at midnight.

She also said that she thought more people were aware of drinking and driving this year, because many people walked home or picked their cars up the following morning.

The liquor stores also saw an increase in sales throughout the day. Joy Callahan, owner of Callahan Liquor, said her sales were up on her four types of alcohol.

Steve Larrick, CoolCat Liquor, said he did very good, especially with champagne sales.

"It turned out to be a very good evening," Larrick said. "At about three or four o'clock it exploded. It was on par on where I thought it would be."

Two places that didn't see their normal business were Pizza Hut and Walt's Pizza. Pizza Hut said the sent half their crew home at 7 p.m. and was dead around 9 p.m.

Walt's Pizza said it was pretty quiet for a Friday, but was still a little busy early in the evening but dead after 9 p.m.

There were no DUI's reported in Baldwin City on Friday night.

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