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BHS games are iced

January 6, 2005

Baldwin High School's basketball teams will have to wait until Tuesday to play its first home games, as its games against Ottawa were postponed due to weather on Jan. 4.

The Bulldogs were scheduled to take on the Ottawa High School Cyclones on Tuesday night for their first home game of the season. But as freezing rain started to fall after noon, the two schools decided to call the game.

"We had talked earlier this morning, and then we decided to make a judgment at one o'clock," Baldwin School District Activities Director Roger O'Neil said. "Then we both agreed it wouldn't be good for the kids to try and have it."

The forecast called for freezing rain starting Tuesday afternoon and changing into snow on Wednesday. The schools decided not to take a chance on driving on icy roads.

"The fact is that it is raining and we are thinking it will freeze over," said BHS boys basketball coach Heath Cooper. "They were worried the worst part of it would come tonight as the teams were leaving and going home."

BHS girls basketball coach Eric Toot said postponing the game was the way to go.

"I thought it was a good decision," Toot said. "The girls really wanted to play at home, but I thought it was the right decision."

Cooper said the boys team is also ready to play, especially since it had been almost a month since its last game.

"We were so ready to play," Cooper said. "Our guys were ready. Our coaches were ready. The people that support us were ready for us to play, especially because we haven't played a home game yet. Plus we haven't played since December 10. But mentally we were ready to play, so it's a let down for all of us."

Toot said the Bulldogs really want to play at home, but they know they have to play Friday.

"We were excited to play at home," Toot said. "We just have to look ahead to Friday's game at Central Heights. It will be our first league game."

Cooper said the team has improved over the break.

"We got a lot more things in as far as schemes," Cooper said. "The guys worked hard. We are significantly better post-holiday break than we were before."

The girls team has suffered an injury to a major player, while the boys team is looking to get a player back sooner than expected.

Junior Katelyn Miles sprained her ankle on Dec. 30 at practice. Miles said she would be out for a couple games, but it's up in the air of the exact time.

Junior Jeremy Wright is hoping to back for the Baldwin Invitational Tournament on Jan. 18 from his broken leg. He started practice on Tuesday, but is ready to get back in the action.

"I'm ready to start playing," Wright said. "Just sitting on the bench is tough. I want to be out there playing with those guys."

The girls are tentatively scheduled to make up the game against Ottawa on Jan. 17, while the boys are planning for Jan. 25. There will be more information later on these make-up games.

The Bulldogs resume play at 5 p.m. on Friday at Central Heights with their first Frontier League games.

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