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On the campaign trail

February 24, 2005

Just a few observations we've made on the budding campaign trail for Baldwin School Board, Baldwin City Council and Mayor's races:

  • Only one candidate, other than incumbents, running for school board positions attended the last meeting. The lone non-incumbent candidate attending was Jay Hundley.
  • It wasn't quite as bad at the last city council meeting. Candidates Doyle Jardon for council and Gary Walbridge for mayor, were in attendance. However, Walbridge was wearing two hats, as he was also there representing Baker University during its request to vacate two streets around Liston Stadium.
  • The moral: No one can be serious about running for elected office if they don't attend the meetings of the respective governing bodies they plan to be on. We hope it won't happen again.

In memory of writer Hunter S. Thompson, a journalism icon best known for his political coverage, Signal Editor Jeff Myrick did not write a column this week. He will try his hand at explaining "gonzo journalism," Thompson's well-known style, especially in the political realm, next week.

May Thompson rest in peace.

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