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Hungary for Mathematics

February 24, 2005

Baker University students, Tyler Inzer and Nicholas Williamson, are excited about their chance to study mathematics in Hungary next fall.

"I'm excited for the experience to travel and the challenge of really good math classes," Inzer said.

It is believed to be the first time for any Baker students to be accepted into the program. Inzer and Williamson were selected based on an application, two written recommendations from math professors and an official transcript.

Williamson also said he was excited about the chance to study math in Hungary.

"I thought it would be cool, because Hungary is right in the middle of Europe," Williamson said. "It offers chances to travel to the rest of Europe. I thought it was awesome, because it is also designed to teaching math."

Inzer is a 2002 graduate of Baldwin High School and is currently a senior at Baker. Williamson is a junior from Dodge City.

Robert Fraga, Baker professor of mathematics and computer sciences, said he had both students in his differential equations last semester.

Fraga said he knew of the program from when he taught at Ripon College in Wisconsin. He said he was excited when he heard both students were accepted.

"I was just ecstatic," Fraga said. "This is a big deal. I think both students will enjoy it."

Inzer said the idea interested him, but he had to check a few things first.

"It sounded interesting, but I had to apply and make sure I could still graduate on time," Inzer said. "I also had to check on the finances of the trip."

Williamson said he was considering studying in New Zealand, before hearing about the Hungary program.

"I've always wanted to study abroad, and this Hungary program is good for math majors," Williamson said.

Inzer said he is thinking about enrolling in the number theory class, along with another math class or two. He also said he is ready for a chance to take different math classes not offered at Baker.

"This gives me a new challenging opportunity," Inzer said. "I've completed the math at Baker."

Both students said they want to visit many places while in Europe, including Holocaust sites, Paris, Italy and the Alps.

"I want to snowboard the Alps," Inzer said.

Inzer said they will be leaving around Aug. 10. Inzer and Williamson plan to travel for few days before taking part in a Hungarian festival that starts on Aug. 20.

They have a Hungarian language class that starts on Aug. 22, but their regular classes will begin Sept. 8.

They will be taking classes at the College International campus of the Technical University of Budapest.

Inzer said he might miss home once he is over there for a while.

"I'll probably get a little homesick," Inzer said.

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