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1Board position No. 4 candidate Chip Hornberger

February 24, 2005

Chip Hornberger
Occupation: Dairy Farmer
Years in Baldwin: Lifetime
Previous political experience: school board member

Why are you running for office?
I enjoyed serving on the board this last term. As a taxpayer, it is my way of serving the community.

What goals do you have for improving the school district?
Maintain high standards of education that have already been implemented. Try to be as cost effective with tax dollars and still maintain quality education for students.

What problems would you like to address if elected?
I don't feel there are any "problems" with the district. It is more "concern" of how to stretch the tax dollars to give a quality education.

Do you favor the closing of either of the rural elementary schools? Why or why not?
No. Because of growth in these areas it is a way essentially to serve these "communities" without busing and overcrowding schools in town. I am in favor of utilizing these buildings to their fullest potential.

Should the proposed new auditorium be built at the high school or should the project be delayed?
I am in favor of looking into it, but with the budget concerns and restraints we have had, it may be better to put off a year or two.

Are you satisfied with the performance of the administrative team and teachers in the district?
Yes, I think we have a very good staff whose major concerns are the students and their education.

Where do you envision Baldwin City being growth wise in 10 years and how does that impact our district?
I feel there is a huge potential for growth in Baldwin City, but just as much outside city limits in rural areas. There is a lot of "urban sprawl" and developments that will be occurring in the Vinland and Marion Springs areas.

Do you think the various state assessment tests and others are a good gauge of what the quality of education is in our district?
Yes, they are really the only way we can judge the quality of education our students are receiving, right now.

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