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Snowball suspensions a hot item for BHS

February 17, 2005

Several Baldwin High School students were suspended from school for throwing snowballs during the last three weeks.

Despite being warned by BHS administrators not to throw snowballs, the students did anyway. Each student was disciplined with a school suspension, up to three days.

"We told the students anyone caught throwing snowballs would be suspended from school," BHS Principal Allen Poplin said.

When asked for further detail on Wednesday, Poplin declined further comment.

Sophomore Chris Grissum was one of the students suspended for throwing snowballs on Jan. 31.

Grissum said he walked outside because there was a little snow ball fight. He said snow fell in his pocket after hitting someone else, so he walked back inside.

"I tossed the snow at a friend, and a teacher saw me," Grissum said. "I got suspended for three days."

Grissum said the thought the punishment for throwing snow was pretty harsh.

"Yes it's harsh," Grissum said. "My parents thought it was pretty harsh too. But I still got in trouble."

Grissum said there were two other students who threw snowballs inside that day.

He also said that the student body was warned not to throw snowballs after he was suspended.

"Poplin warned them after I got suspended," Grissum said. "I think that is unfair to me."

Grissum said that several students were only suspended for one day for throwing snowballs on Friday.

Kathy Grissum, Chris' mom, was disappointed in the actions of the school.

"I am disappointed with Mr. Poplin's judgment," Kathy Grissum said. "He's done a lot of good things, but this isn't one."

She continued to say that her son has never been in trouble before, and she knows he shouldn't have thrown snow inside the school.

"I agree he shouldn't have done it," Kathy Grissum said. "There should have been a detention, but not a three-day suspension."

BHS senior Kyle Lauridsen said he doesn't know why the school hand out detentions anymore.

"I think the school overreacted," Lauridsen said. "I don't know when they got rid of detentions and started handing out suspensions instead."

Kathy Grissum was not happy with the length of punishment for what her son did.

"You're not talking about something which caused injury," Kathy Grissum said. "You're talking about a snowball. We thought the discipline was extra unfair. The punishment should fit the crime and this didn't."

The total number of students suspended from school for throwing snowballs is unknown at this time.

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