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Letter to the Editor

February 10, 2005

To the editor:

Sunday's Chocolate Auction was another great example of why Baldwin is such a wonderful place to live. There are numerous towns of similar size all around us, some of which also have quaint downtowns, charming homes, some even have their own universities. There is, however, something unique about our fair city. and that something was on display in abundant, delicious quantities at the 17th annual Chocolate Auction.

For those unfamiliar with the event, the Chocolate Auction was founded in Baldwin in 1988 by Alice Ann Callahan-Russell, along with other members of the Baldwin Community Arts Council. Initially, sweets were the only items up for bids, but over the years, local artists began donating their goods as well. This year, the auction raised a record total, which will allow the arts council to distribute scholarships, support local artists and help foster the environment of artistic expression which helps make our community unique.

The auction depends on the generosity of so many folks that it would be impossible to mention all of them here. From local businesses to artists to bakers to those who attended and purchased the wonderful items on display, the spirit of giving that allows the event to flourish seemed to be amazingly contagious. This year, the event was dedicated to the memory of its founder, Alice Ann. We were fortunate enough to have several members of

her family offering their full support, including her sisters, Mary Jane

Chubb and Charlene Potter, along with her husband, artist Tom Russell. A number of the artists represented in the auction are nationally known, but none more so than Tom, whose talent is equaled only by his generosity. His donation of a spectacular painting exemplified the giving spirit that makes the event possible. At Tom's request, half of the money raised by his painting will go to the Lumberyard Arts Center project.

The arts council board gives generously of its own time to make the auction a success, and their efforts were certainly rewarded this year. I, for one, was very thankful at the auction's end to be a small part of a community that is so rich, so giving, and so supportive of the arts.

Ande Parks

BCAC vice president and

Chocolate Auction chair

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