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Continuing King’s dream

February 3, 2005

Baker University students were asked to continue the efforts of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at Thursday's chapel service by the keynote speaker.

Kansas City, Mo., City Councilman Alvin Brooks gave the address for Baker's annual Martin Luther King Jr. day service on Thursday.

"I was very impressed," the Rev. Ira DeSpain, Baker minister, said. "He did a great job of helping with the celebration. It opened a variety of topics, and left us to discuss them."

Baker's Director of Public Relations Ric Anderson said he enjoyed the service.

"Mr. Brooks was an impassioned and thought-provoking speaker," Anderson said. "I think his appearance at the service spoke volumes about Baker's commitment to diversity and free expression."

He spoke about many topics, and asked how King would react to them.

"How would he react to the preemptive strike on Iraq," Brooks asked during his address.

Brooks also discussed different events that were important to the movement toward freedom. He also spoke about current events and challenged the audience to continue what King started.

"Dr. King is challenging us as much today as he was during his lifetime," Brooks said. "Perhaps more so, because somebody has got to pick up the baton and move on. You are not the future, you are the right now. Do as much as you can right now."

Anderson thought Brook's plea to the audience to continue the efforts was inspirational.

"I thought his call for the audience to take ownership in Dr. King's vision was particularly inspirational," Anderson said.

Brooks also said in the service that King was working toward a better planet.

"He was talking about a better world, not just a better America," Brooks said. "I'm convinced that's what got him killed."

He also told the audience they have the time to act on King's efforts, but the time is growing smaller.

"We've still got the time, but at the same time, our time is running out," Brooks said. "Don't wait for tomorrow what you can do today. Don't wait to act until tomorrow."

Brooks also talked about how the government is closing schools, but building prisons. He said we must educate people to keep them out of prison.

The service also included a presentation from the Baker Forensics Speech Choir. They read excerpts from King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

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