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Canvass upholds alcohol election results

December 27, 2005

Douglas County Commissioners canvassed the votes from Thursday's Sunday alcohol sales vote Tuesday and the outcome did not change. There were only four provisional votes and three were allowed, two votes for no and one vote for yes. That brought the final margin on the election to 19 votes at 200 no and 181 yes.

Because of the wording on the ballot, a no vote was to allow Sunday sales, while a yes vote was against the sale.

Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew said that there are 2,404 registered voters in Baldwin and the 381 who voted brought the percentage to around 15 percent. After the canvass confirmed the vote, alcohol in package form will be legally sold on Sunday, New Year's Day, for the first time in Baldwin.

"Yes, we will be open Sunday," Steve Larrick, owner of CoolCat Liquor, said Tuesday.

Baldwin City Councilman Tony Brown was on hand for the vote count Thursday night at the American Legion Hall. He was one of three council members who approved the Sunday sales in September. He did not view Thursday's vote as backing the council.

"I don't think it was being backed up," said Brown. "I'm glad it went to a vote. I hope that's it. I hope this is closure on this."

Voters were asked to agree or disagree with the September vote by the council which allowed the Sunday sales of alcohol. A protest petition was filed with the Douglas County Clerk in opposition of the sales. That forced the unusual December balloting.

There will be additional information on the election outcome in this week's Signal, which will be available Thursday. The issue will also include pictures from election day.

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