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Letters to the Editor

December 8, 2005

The following comment and question is about the up coming vote on selling alcohol on Sunday.

Some people go to church on Sunday to get their "spiritial" inspiration.

Some people go to the liquor store on Sunday to get their "spirits" inspiration.

Where do you go on Sunday to get your inspiration?

John Gutschenritter
815 E 1900RD
Eudora KS. 66025
PH 785-594-3538
A tax payer to the Baldwin School DistrictUSD 348

To the Editor:

I am proud to be a member of this Community.

I am proud of the way we work together to make special events special. I am so impressed with the response of local businesses and the various organizations in town when asked to help with donations and work. I am awestruck by the excitement that even the bitter cold can't quell. It is fantastic to be a part of our town.

I especially want to thank the businesses that have donated items for our annual "after parade" drawing. I am still running mental videos of the young ladies that danced in the street for our enjoyment. Thank you Stacy for doing that again this year... what a class act! Thank you Peach for organizing the parade. While small, it was so much fun. Thank you Katie for the tree. It's a mother beautiful tree. Thanks to the Lumber Yard group for chocolate and cookies. Thanks to who ever it was that made sure we had a Grand Marshal for the parade. Sort of puts you in mind of the Macy's Christmas Parade in the little burg back east. Thanks to all of you who did things that I really don't know about. I just know there was more going on than I can catalogue here. Thanks to all of you who stood out in the cold and let me hassle them during the drawing and the parade. (And it WAS cold... all my hassling aside.)

It is a major objective of the Recreation Department to improve the quality of life in our community. This can never happen unless the community responds. And you do respond so awesomely. Thank you all.

It was reported to me that one of our community asked this question: "I wonder if other small towns are doing something as good as this?" I know for sure that if they need any ideas about making life in their community memorable, all they have to do is come check us out. We can all be proud that we live here. It really is a "mother beautiful" place to live.

Thanks for letting me be such an integral part.

Monte Ezell
Baldwin City Recreation Commission

To the Editor

I realize there is so much to cover at the Baldwin High School. Our football teams and cross-country teams had an outstanding year. Basketball and wrestling is underway with what looks like to be an awesome season. But there are other events that should have coverage and rightfully so.

For those who saw the musical, "Bye Bye Birdie", you know what I am talking about, but for those who did not and since there was only a small blurp mentioned about the play, let me fill you in. First, the characters mentioned in the paper with the picture were incorrect. The faces you saw were Caj Kueffer, Maddie Rogers and Brad Cantebury. Now on with my critiquing of the show.

My daughter (Rose Garrison), who played Mrs. Peterson enjoys musicals and has participated since junior high. She received several compliments about her performance and from people she didn't even know. Without bragging, I received comments that she stole the show.

Rosie Alvarez, played by Julie Miller, did an outstanding job and has the most wonderful voice to listen to. It is quite obvious she too loves acting and singing. A natural.

Sam Scott, AKA Albert Peterson, was superb in his role. You could not ask for a better typecast nor could you ask for another excellent fit in Matt LaBuda as Mr. MacAfee.

Caj Kueffer, who played Conrad Birdie, outdid himself with the swiveling hips and "Elvis type" attitude.

Now, Brad Canterbury - playing Hugo Peabody was, to a degree, out of his character (my perspective of the young man), but he went out of his way to play the part and did so very well.

Maddie Rogers, was wonderful as Kim MacAfee. Again, another great voice to hear.

For his first time directing a musical at Baldwin High School, Joshua Abel did more than was expected. Students were not kept late for any of the practices and were there only as needed. No sitting around for hours in case their part was needed. I am sure Joshua would agree that he could not have done this without the assistance of Kathy Cook and Rachael Buckley.

Several weeks work, 28-cast members, 3 pianists, 10 production staff, and 11 community sponsors adds up to a pretty important event at our high school. All of those involved in the musical put forth their time, effort and sweat and deserve more than a mere passing. Community members and participants who appreciate the art side of life, need to be applauded for their efforts in these areas.

This is not to take away anything from sports. My children participate in them, but our youth have other sides to them that are equally gratifying to watch.

Kelly Garrison

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