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Soccer impact minimal at BHS

August 25, 2005

Adding soccer to the fall sports at Baldwin High School has had a minimal impact on the other teams, because several participants are doubling sports during the season.

"We've been fortunate that kids are doubling up with the sports, so we haven't seen a huge impact yet," said BHS cross country coach Mike Spielman. "But anytime you add more sports, it's a fact of life that things get divided up a little more."

BHS soccer coach Gus Wegner agrees, saying the impact is very small on other teams, but that is expected.

"I think the kids that are playing soccer have been playing soccer most of the time," Wegner said. "I don't think it's impacted anybody that I know of. It's just like anything, when you add a sport, you are going to have some that do it."

BHS football coach Mike Berg said there was hardly any impact on his team, except maybe a couple of freshmen that might have gone out for football chose soccer instead.

Five boys are competing in both cross country and soccer this fall. They are Nathan Dick, Aaron Karlin, Paul Minor, Sam Pippert and Dustin Schiller.

Pippert said the idea of doubling sports was not a really tough decision for him.

"I had planned on doing cross country, then the soccer thing came up," Pippert said. "I have been playing soccer my whole life, so I decided to go out for both."

Since both teams practice at the same time after school, the players attend cross country practice in the morning and alternate afternoon practices.

"They kind of alternate in the evenings," Spielman said. "They do one, then the other and just kind of work back and forth. But of all the sports of doubling, these two sports probably best lend themselves to being compatible to the workouts and stuff."

Minor said the multiple practices were tough last week, but have become slightly easier this week.

"Our first week, we had three-a-days and it was tough," Minor said. "Now that school is in session, we have two-a-days in the morning and afternoon."

Pippert agreed about the multiple practices, but he thinks it will help at the end of the season.

"The three-a-days were tough, very physically tough," Pippert said. "It got me in shape quicker. It will help me in the long run."

Minor also said that keeping up with school work could be the toughest part.

Wegner said the players out for other sports aren't a problem, because many athletes on his team have played together before.

"Some of them are doing other sports, but I would say the bulk of the kids play this all-year round," Wegner said. "There are probably 10 kids that have been playing with each other off and on through the years."

One problem for the soccer team was arranging schedules of the players also involved with cross country. BHS assistant coach David Theis has been working on fixing that.

"They missed a few days last week, but David (Theis) now has their schedule," Wegner said. "We now know when they will be gone."

There also could be a problem for those players with meets and games. On Sept. 22 and Oct. 13, both the cross country and soccer teams have contests away from Baldwin.

The only problem Spielman sees for his team is possibly the future, because he only has two freshmen boys out this year.

The cross country team starts its season Sept. 1 at Anderson County and the soccer team kicks off its season Sept. 6 at home.

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