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Column: Garcia, Verhaeghe out run writer

August 25, 2005

Thursday evening, I broke out of my running shell by working out with the Baldwin High School cross country team, and Friday morning I felt the pain from 15 months away.

I was tempted into running the time trial and my body was sorry I caved in.

I showed up at Liston Stadium Thursday to take photos of the BHS team practicing. I walked up with the camera, but I made the mistake of wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

Once I walked up, several guys kept asking me if I was going to run, and I instantly refused for obvious reasons. Those being that I hadn't ran over one-half mile since May 2004. But the guys kept trying to egg me on to run, but I kept refusing.

The boys ran first and I took pictures like I planned to do. But as I saw them running, it got me thinking back to the glory days of high school cross country. I really wanted to run with them, but I knew I was out of shape and would run very poorly.

But as the boys ran, I kept being pressured by 2004 BHS graduate Kyle Lauridsen. He wanted me to run with the girls, but I was sure BHS sophomore Heather Garcia would beat me. But the boys finished and I decided to go ahead and see if I could last 15 minutes. My goal was to stay with Angie Spielman, coach Mike Spielman's wife.

I took the first few laps at an easy pace, or at least it felt easy, and hung with the leaders of the girls' team. I came through the mile about 7:03, which wasn't a bad time.

I felt fairly good at the mile and still good around the 10-minute mark. This is when I started to quicken the pace, but Garcia and BHS junior Kelsey Verhaeghe went with me at the same pace.

But then the bear started jumping on my back a couple minutes later. We came through seven laps at around 12 minutes. I was starting to feel the lack of running by this point.

During the next two laps or less, Garcia and Verhaeghe left me in the dust searching for oxygen. They kept running at their pace and I hit the wall with one minute left.

I jogged the last three-quarters of a lap to finish the run less than 100 meters behind Garcia and Verhaeghe.

I was happy with my run, because I ran over two miles in 15 minutes and I hadn't ran for 15 months. I did receive several congratulations from members of the team for my run.

They were cheering me throughout the run and I thank them for that. I would also like to say nice run to Garcia and Verhaeghe. I am not really embarrassed to lose to them, because they are great runners and I am way out of shape.

Needless to say my legs were a little sore Friday morning. They weren't as bad as I thought they might be, though.

But my goal is to get in shape and run with the team again and, hopefully, I will make a better showing than I did Thursday. So, look for another column later in the fall and hopefully I will have run by then. Until then, go cheer on all the local sports teams, those Bulldogs and Wildcats.

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