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Column: School couldn’t come at better time

August 18, 2005

Ahhh, finally fall sports have arrived and I can quit trying to fill the sports section with boring columns about myself and feature stories.

My summer hasn't been too eventful, especially when figuring out what to put on the sports pages. I have used columns about my summer and how much video games I play -- which by the way, I do have one more installment coming soon. It will be my list of the top 10 sports video games, so look for it.

I have also searched everywhere for stories and tried to let the community bring stories to me. I did receive a few story ideas and a few were really good, so thank you.

But it's mostly been me sitting in the office on a Tuesday night searching for sports stories and making a few phone calls for interviews. But, now I don't have to do that until late December rolls around.

Yep, Monday kicked off the fall sports practices at Baker University, Baldwin High School and Baldwin Junior High School. I am so relieved, but I haven't had the time to think about it until now.

I have been running around to many of the team's practices taking photos and talking to coaches. It has been a very crazy last couple of days, with practices starting and school beginning.

But, as I sit down and write this, I can relax and be glad the school year is here, something I never did before. I don't have to take classes or take tests anymore, so the school year brings happiness to me.

As I walked around the practices Monday and Tuesday, I started becoming excited about the upcoming season. The BHS football practices got me pumped up for football season and the Bulldogs. Coach Mike Berg and the players are all fun to be around and easy to talk to for stories, so I couldn't be more ready for the first game Sept. 2 at Gardner.

Then I ventured over to volleyball, tennis and soccer practices. I have never been big into these sports, but that has changed recently. I became a volleyball fan at Baker, since I knew many of the players and I covered the team for The Baker Orange.

I am also excited to see how the inaugural year of BHS soccer will do. Tennis can be fun to watch, if the weather is nice, so I will also enjoy that.

The last teams I went to visit were the cross country teams, because it was the only time in my busy schedule. As I watched them warm-up and listened to them joke around, it got me wishing I was back on the team. I started remembering all of the good times I had on the cross country team at BHS, and we had many fun times, maybe too many.

I even may start back running so I can join the team for a run sometime, but I haven't written anything in stone yet.

Baker has even began its fall practices, as I have noticed the cross country, tennis, soccer and football teams working out. I am glad to see the Baker players back in the swing of things and wish them the best of luck this season as I try to keep an eye on them also.

So yeah, the fall season is here and I am excited to get out and enjoy the cool weather while cheering on my Bulldogs and Wildcats. I hope to see you out there supporting all of the teams. I know I will be.

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