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School district enrollment shows rise

August 4, 2005

All of the schools in the district opened their doors for many hours Tuesday to allow parents and students to enroll for the 2005-2006 school year.

"It's been pretty steady throughout the day, but it was busy early in the morning and around lunch time," said Tom Mundinger, Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center principal.

Starting early in the morning the six schools began the annual enrollment day. At the end of the day, most school's numbers were about what had been expected, but some were slightly higher than projected.

"I would say we are going to be up this year, but it's too early to tell," said Bret Jones, Baldwin High School assistant principal. "We had 433 last year and I would guess we will be 460-470 this year."

Jones said BHS has around 470 students pre-enrolled for the fall, but he knows some of those students moved and others have yet to enroll.

Mundinger said his school lost a large class, so new students will be needed to keep enrollment the same.

"Right now, we seem to have more people coming in than leaving," Mundinger said. "I would say we will be up a little. We lost our largest class, last year's fifth grade class, and brought in a small class, this year's third grade. We will need to gain new students just to stay even with last year."

All of the schools had to deal with several students being out of town or unable to enroll Tuesday. But to compensate, some of the schools are having a late enrollment date on Tuesday.

Baldwin Junior High School offered an early enrollment for parents who wouldn't be able to make it Tuesday. The pre-enrollment lasted through July and was successful.

"It was great," BJHS Principal Connie Wright said. "We had about 70 people that pre-enrolled. We are really glad they took advantage of that. We think that has helped us today."

Wright said Tuesday that enrollment was going well and the number of students was good.

"We are having a great day," Wright said. "We have had like 232 people at 5:30, so that is great for us. We have not had long lines or anything. People keep coming in every now and then. It's been great."

Marion Springs Elementary School was up a few students after Tuesday, according the Glenda Rockers, secretary at the school. The school had a couple surprises that helped raise the number of students.

According to sources at Vinland Elementary School and Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center both had numbers that were close to predicted. Neither school had many surprises as far as new students enrolling.

Schools will have a better idea of the actual enrollment when school starts. But, all of the schools hope to have a higher enrollment than last year.

"I would rather be growing than declining, just ask any school administrator around the state," Jones said.

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