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Letter to the editor

August 4, 2005

To the editor:

With the loss of Mrs. Jodie Eldridge this past weekend, I was touched at how many phone calls I received regarding her passing. I received calls from personal friends, former teachers and also other students that I have not seen in years.

No longer living in Baldwin City for going on three years now, It still warms my heart to think of what a wonderful community it is. As a former student of Mrs. Eldridge, I want to thank those of you in the community who called and e-mailed me to inform me of her passing. She was truly a valued person to me.

Baldwin is so fortunate to have so many wonderful teachers in its schools, and so many extracurricular programs that are led by such outstanding sponsors. Theater and choir were a very large part of my high school career, and Baldwin has always had such wonderful teachers in those areas. People like Jodie Eldridge, Will Cooper, Jocelyn Leonard ... and all of those who came before them. They have built Baldwin's programs and students into being some of the best in the state. As a student, do not forget how fortunate we are to have such talented people teaching us, and helping evolve our individual talents.

Thank you to all of you.

Michele Hanny

Houston, Texas

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