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Be ready for murky water on weekend

April 21, 2005

It just may be a case where the immortal words of Bart Simpson come into play this weekend in Baldwin City.

The infamous yellow, pointy haired kid in the long-playing television show the Simpsons once said it in regards to drinking water in the fictional Springfield, where the Simpson reside.

"If it's brown, drink it down. If it's black, send it back," Bart said of the water being served in local residents.

Baldwin residents might head that advice this weekend when the process of testing fire hydrants begins Friday and will run through the weekend. The hydrants are being tested in an effort to reduce the city's fire insurance rating, which could result in lower home-owners and other insurance.

But, it will be a trade-off this weekend for many.

"It's going to stir things up a little," said Fire Chief Allen Craig. "People should flush their stools a couple of times, but it's nothing to get worried about.

"People may pour a glass of water and it may be murky or rusty," said Craig, adding that before washing clothes to take precautions as well. "They need to run a load of water with nothing in it. It's good water, it just looks bad."

Craig said that normally what residents get when they turn on a faucet is water at the top of the water line. That's won't be the case with the murky water.

"When we open it (hydrant) up for a fire or testing it, it's at full strength," he said. "This will stir it up. We'll be starting with the testing Friday and it will go through Saturday and Sunday. It might take a couple of weeks.

"But, if we get enough help and with daylight savings time, we could get done with it this weekend," said Craig.

Residents may also experience a decrease in water pressure. Testing will begin in north Baldwin where water lines are mostly PVC pipe and the murky water problem won't be too much of a problem. In the areas south of U.S. Highway 56 where there is a mixture of PVC and cast iron pipes. The old pipes are where the problems are usually experienced.

Water for cooking should also be considered, he said, but again assurred residents that the water is fine, it just doesn't look good.

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