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Just a tad of election, taxes, gas

April 14, 2005

OK, I'm going to try and be brief with a few loose ends. I've got to make sure there's room enough for Phyllis' letter that's running below the column.

I was sad when she "retired" her pen last week. But, she was back Thursday with another letter, so my sadness didn't last long. I always enjoy her letters, even if she steps on a toe or two along the way.

She certainly got the letters section fired up right there at the end of the election. I wish it would have happened about a month or two sooner. But, that's the way it goes.

It was just an interesting election. I've been soaking in all of the opinions, theories, etc. in its aftermath. They are interesting. Many parts are true, I think, but it's really hard to tell what makes people vote the way they do once they're in the booth.

I know that certainly was the case for me this year. While I certainly had my mind made up on most of the candidates, there were a couple of races where I could have just as well used a coin to determine the winner. I didn't.

There were a couple of interesting "developments," in the races. One was the trend of Baldwin not re-electing its mayor. It's happened at least the last four times. No, I don't know why and I'm still contemplating.

The other interesting note was John Frazier getting 169 votes for a council seat despite him withdrawing from the race. No telling what he might have done if he'd stayed with it. Maybe next time.

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  • Ooops. Went a bit long with that short note. I'll try to do better.

If you haven't heard, the Alferd Packerd Memorial Band will again be playing at the Lawrence Post Office Friday night -- yes, tax deadline night -- until midnight. Local favorite Matt Kirby is in the band and has generated some national interest.

If the television Gods pull through, Kirby and the band will be on the Sunday Morning CBS Show. He contacted the network and they were interested. I am, too.

I've never taken in the April 15 gala, but maybe this year.

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  • But, I won't be mailing my tax returns. I started doing that electronically last year and like it so much better. But, I do have to admit, it can be frustrating.

Just as I was on the last step the other night, I got an error message. I had fought the thing for two days, so I knew what to do. But, I was worried. If it had all been lost or I wasn't going to be able to file, what was I going to do? I don't know. Luckily, I got it to work.

I hate taxes. Don't you?

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  • Speaking of things I hate, I hate to spend the kind of dollars I've been spending on gas to fill the Pony here lately. Worse yet, the gas guzzling F-150 super cab could use a fill-up, too -- in both tanks. That scares me beyond belief.

But, as I found out in calling around to the school district and City Hall inquiring about gas pains, I don't have it all that bad. And, neither do you, even if you're in that huge SUV.

How would you like to fill a fleet of 10 full size school buses, numerous mini-buses, vans and cars? That's what the school district does. It's a little better with the city fleet, but there are still lots of vehicles that have to be filled. To this point, the gas prices haven't caused too much trouble at either place.

Of course, they're just like us. There's not much choice. You either pay the price or don't drive. I'm still driving, how about you?

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