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BCPD receives grant to enforce traffic safety

October 28, 2004

A grant awarded to the Baldwin City Police Department will enable officers to spend more time enforcing traffic safety.

Baldwin Police Chief Mike McKenna said the BCPD was awarded a $3,000 federal Special Traffic Enforcement Program grant, which will allow the department to pay its officers overtime to enforce traffic safety regulations.


"This will allow us to put more officers on the street to enforce traffic safety rules," he said. "The goal intended is to ensure motorists are using their seat belts and good driving habits while in our city.

"The drivers who develop good driving habits in Baldwin, they'll be practicing them in other towns and other locations as well," McKenna said. "That, in turn, will cut down on the accidents and injuries alike."

The grant was awarded to the department for one year, ending in October of 2005. He said it works in conjunction with a program the BCPD implemented earlier in the year, the Click It or Ticket program, in which officers enforced the state's seat belt laws.

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