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BU student reports rape to local police

October 21, 2004

A Baker University student filed a report with local police last week alleging that she had been raped at a fraternity.

The 19-year-old woman told Baldwin police that she had been raped by a Baker student during the early morning hours of Oct. 14.


Baldwin Police Chief Mike McKenna said the woman reported that after a night of drinking with friends at a Baker residence hall, she went to a fraternity to retrieve personal property.

She told police she was then raped by a male acquaintance in one of the bedrooms in the fraternity.

"The suspect locked the door to try to prevent the young lady from leaving," McKenna said. "She attempted to get out of the room, but he physically restrained her and forced her onto the bed. He removed the woman's clothing and committed the attack.

"The victim was then told (by the man) not to say anything about the incident."

McKenna declined to say at which fraternity the incident occurred.

He said following the alleged rape, the woman went to Lawrence Memorial Hospital where a rape kit was completed.

The Signal does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault.

No arrests have been made, but McKenna said the police are still continuing the investigation.

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