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Letter to the editor

October 14, 2004

To the Editor,

Health care is one of the issues my family and I are deeply concerned about. As an insurance agent, I hope the voters in the second district will take a hard look at the issue before casting their vote in November.

Congressman Jim Ryun has worked hard for all who feel the strain of rising health care costs, and he continues to fight to ensure more families are protected. Also Jim, wants to make every out of pocket health care dollar spent tax deductible. He has already been working to reduce the numbers of uninsured people through legislation that would allow small businesses to band together and increase their buying power with Association Health Plans.

Jim also fought against frivolous lawsuits that make health care more expensive for all of us. These are REAL solutions that help REAL people.

Congressman Jim Ryun's opponent has worked most of her life for big drug companies, and is now trying to convince you, the consumer, that she is on the side of the Kansas people. I find that difficult to believe.

Congressman Jim Ryun is the only candidate in the race with a proven track record for fighting to keep health care costs low.

Please join me and many other Kansas citizens in casting your vote for Jim Ryun on Nov. 2.

Mike Everett

Baldwin City

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