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Thanks for explaining school district policy

November 24, 2004

It was good to hear from Baldwin school district administrators this week on what's being done at the high school in the wake of recent events and what's in place district wide to handle violence when it occurs or is threatened in our schools.

That's what we wanted to hear. As stated last week, we understand when nothing can be said about a specific student after a situation such as the shotgun being pulled that occurred in the BHS parking lot after a football game Nov. 2. It's a matter of privacy and a matter of law.

But, the community has the right to know what's going on regarding handling such incidents. Administrators pointed out that there's a policy in the BHS handbook regarding weapons at school. They say it's talked about with students and parents to make sure it's understood -- if a student has a weapon on the school grounds, they will be suspended for a year.

That's good to know. We don't all have children at BHS. We don't all have students in the district at all. We all deserve to know how such events are handled, because we all do pay taxes to the school district.

It was explained that when weapons have involved in the past, this wasn't the first time in the last couple of years, that each time the student or students were suspended for a year. That didn't harm anyone's "specific" situation in regards to privacy.

But, it went a long way to calming fears that have grown in the community with recent events. The public has a right to know. Thank you, administrators, and you know who you are.

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