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BHS senior teaches peers, advisors about new technology

November 11, 2004

Saunder James usually spends his days at Baldwin High School learning. But lately, the BHS senior has had an opportunity to do a little teaching as well.

James has spent the last couple of months teaching the senior seminar classes how to use some of the school's latest technology.

"We know Saunder is wonderful in technology," said Ginny Honomichl, BHS science teacher and senior advisor. "Why not take advantage of that wonderful resource?"

As part of BHS seniors' graduation requirements, they must complete a senior mastery project, an in-depth research project where students' topics range from careers and hobbies to technology and athletics.

The school purchased new technology, including digital cameras and flash drives, to help the students with their projects.

But the problem with the new technology was that few students and senior advisors knew how to use it to its full advantage.

So James, a self-taught technology wiz, volunteered to give a series of presentations to the eight senior seminar classes on how to properly use the new technology.

Presenting technology instructions isn't completely new to James. He has been an intern at ALTEC, an organization which introduces technology to schools and develops ways to help teachers and students use it effectively. His job has allowed him to help with technology presentations in other schools.

"It's a great job," he said. "It's given me a lot of opportunities."

For BHS, James put together two separate power-point presentations, one for the digital camera and one for the flash drive. He then walked the senior seminars through the presentations, teaching the students and teachers the ins and outs of the new technology.

He said he was a little anxious presenting the information to his peers.

"I thought it was difficult, because they already have an impression of you," he said. "They expect a certain something from you.

"But they all really liked it," he said.

He will also probably be called on again in the near future to help install memory upgrades in some of the school's older computers.

James actually had to put his own senior project on hold while he worked on the technology presentations.

He said because he was working on the presentation, he wasn't able to designate enough time to his senior project to complete the accelerated track and finish it this semester. But he said he had plenty of time to finish his project by the end of the school year.

Honomichl said not only did James' presentation help the seniors, she thought they also helped James.

"Saunder probably gained more from it than the other kids," she said. "He got up in front of a group and presented. He taught.

"He's a teacher, and that's a different step," she said.

James said he liked having the opportunity to teach others how to use the school's new technology.

"I really enjoy sharing the knowledge I have with other people," he said.

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