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Gas prices causing a dilemma

May 27, 2004

Honestly, I usually don't pay much attention to gas prices. It's one of those costs that I accept. If I want to drive, I have to pay. But, I have to admit this $2 a gallon gouge has my attention.

Of course, I'd been seeing the $2 a gallon signs from California for awhile like everyone else. And, I'd heard the dire predictions of $2.50 a gallon for this summer. But, the first time I drove up to the pump and there it was -- ouch.

When I can put $28 worth of gas in my Mustang, something is wrong. Really wrong.

But, my real gas dilemma involves my other vehicle, the "big truck." Yes, it's the extended cab with two gas tanks. While it's pretty much relegated to farm work, during the winter I drive it back and forth to town for better traction in the snow and ice.

I use to complain about putting gas in it. To fill both tanks took a small business loan. I don't even want to think what it will take now. But, I figured away to ease the pain. What I would do was just fill one tank and put a few dollars worth in the other tank every time I filled up. Eventually that tank was full.

After the snow had disappeared, I didn't use the truck much, except to feed the cows grain and haul limbs and whatever around the farm. At one point even, it was parked in the west barn and forgotten.

While all that was going on, of course, gas prices continued to inch upwards. When I finally took the big truck out of the barn when spring time chores started, the first tank was half full and the second tank was full. The first half ran out and I switched tanks.

There's my dilemma. I have a full tank of gas in the big truck and it cost $1.30 a gallon. It's like a prized possession and I don't want to use it. But, I'm also not crazy about filling the guzzling beast with this $2 stuff to avoid it.

Oh, well, guess I'll just bite the bullet. Or, maybe I'll fill it with that $1.50 a gallon gas from the farm tank that Laura had the good sense to get filled a ways back. Hmmmm. I like that idea better.

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  • Graduation time is about over -- I think. Most of the college versions are wrapped up and I certainly got a good look at my past this weekend when the University of Kansas had ceremonies.

I was at a celebration for one of those KU grads, Adam Wessel, and another one came by, Doyle Murphy. They're both Baldwin High School graduates and now they've made the trip with gowns again.

While it was plenty interesting to see even more BHS grads do the same in college, these two really hit home. They both earned their degrees in journalism and are setting out on the real world road into sports.

That was me 23 years ago. I wished them the best of luck. Murphy has an internship at the Phoenix, Ariz., paper and Wessel is working in the broadcast arena at Topeka's WIBW. I hope their road ends up being as interesting as mine has been.

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  • Just a quick note. Yes, the old Baldwin City Market (or C&D, if you prefer) building downtown has sold. Stan Vickers of Ottawa has bought it and is in the process of transforming it into a commercial kitchen and other stores, including an antique mall. That's about the extent of that for now. We'll have more on it later.

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