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Grant allows BCPD to distribute gun locks

May 6, 2004

Police Chief Mike McKenna is hoping community members will take advantage of the police department's newest grant to make their families safer.

The Baldwin City Police Department is currently distributing free gun locks as part of Project Child Safe to anyone who requests them. The police department giveaway is possible through a U.S. Department of Justice grant, one which was developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


"We felt it was a worthwhile project," McKenna said. "I feel if even one accident or death can be prevented, it will be worth our effort."

He said the gun locks come with an informational pamphlet that provides instructions as well as firearm safety tips.

"I encourage everyone to read the pamphlet and follow its advice," he said.

The locks, he said, should keep homes that have firearms safer, especially for children.

"It's intended to provide an effective barrier to prevent young children from accessing the firearms in the home," he said.

The locks are available at the police department, and there is no limit on the number that can be requested. He said no information is needed to receive the locks.

"If anyone wants a lock for their gun, they can come in here no questions asked," he said. "We'll simply give you a lock if you take it and use it on your gun."

McKenna said he has seen a number of accidents involving guns and children, so he encouraged anyone who owns a firearm to take advantage of the gun lock giveaway.

"I felt it was worth our effort to get these to prevent such tragedies from happening here in Baldwin," he said.

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