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New speed limits posted along 1055

March 18, 2004

After a slight hiccup along Douglas County Road 1055 north of Baldwin this week, the new speed limits are now in place. Drivers along that stretch of Sixth Street extended need to be aware of the slower stretch.

On Monday, the new speed limit signs of 40 mph and 45 mph were uncovered from their plastic wraps. However, the 55 mph sign in between them was still up.


That led drivers, at least those who obey speed limits faithfully, to do a speed up, speed up more, slow down, speed back up stretch along 1055 heading north towards Baldwin Hill. It wasn't quite as bad coming down the hill heading south.

"I found out about that Tuesday night from my wife," Douglas County Public Works Director Keith Browning said Wednesday morning about the speed limit discrepancy. "She went to Baldwin Tuesday night and told me about it. That wasn't good.

"I called this morning and got that taken care of," Browning said.

Yes, by Wednesday morning, the 55 mph signs were gone for most commuters in and out of Baldwin to the north. Evidently, the problem resulted from miscommunication between the county and city.

"Apparently it was," said Browning. "I guess those (55 mph signs) were ones we missed."

Baldwin City Administrator Jeff Dingman was also surprised by the signs still being up this week.

"I have the same questions as you do," said Dingman. "There were signs up that shouldn't have been. That was supposed to be a coordinated effort between the city and county to reveal the new signs at the same time. We're responsible for the signs up to the angle road."

The speed limit changes have been discussed and publicized for about a month. They are now in effect and it's time to slow down while traversing to and from Baldwin Hill.

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