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Letter to the editor

March 18, 2004

To the editor:

In light of Ms. Furlought's letter to the editor regarding pornographic material at the Baldwin Public Works Department, and her revelation of the fact, long held secret, that men find murder, sports, and sex interchangeable, I am certain that a deeper investigation into the Public Works scandal would reveal machine guns and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition, a shooting range with live targets, torture and execution chambers, city computers clogged with sports video games, and a porno library that would bring Larry Flynt to tears of impassioned joy.

I am an avid target shooter with little interest in hunting, have little use for things round (except for the earth and those little rings on rifle and pistol targets), find competitive sports almost totally boring, have no affinity for pornography, and strongly believe that war reflects little more than pathetic cultural failure.

I suspect that Ms. Furlought's bigoted ranting offers up a more precise definition of herself than of the many fine folks at public works.

Dick Walker

Baldwin City

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