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Woman’s cat thought to be shot, killed by neighbor

Baldwin resident files police report

March 11, 2004

Teja Curry describes her black and white cat, Cloud Dancer, as a very friendly animal who didn't know a stranger.

"She really loved people and she loved kids," she said. "She was well-known throughout the neighborhood."


Which is why Curry said she's outraged that her neighbor would shoot and kill her 14-year-old family pet.

"I can't bring my cat back," she said. "I'm very upset."

Curry filed a report with the Baldwin City Police Department March 1 stating that her cat, which disappeared last fall, had been shot by her neighbor in FireTree Estates.

Police Chief Mike McKenna said a suspect had been named in the report, but he couldn't release the name because charges had not been filed.

Though Curry told the Signal who she believed shot her cat, the Signal won't release the name of the suspect unless charges are filed.

Curry said that she had recently heard from someone that her neighbor allegedly told some people he had shot her cat last fall when it was on his property.

"What really bothers me is that he knew it was our cat," she said.

Though the cat had been missing for several months, Curry had no idea what became of it until she said she was told the story about her neighbor.

"As a human being, I don't believe in ratting on people, but this goes above and beyond," she said. "You don't hurt other people's animals. You just don't do that.

"She was a very important member of our family."

She said her neighbor had never complained about her cat before. In fact, she said, her cat Cloud Dancer was known as the neighborhood cat.

"People in the neighborhood are really upset about this," she said.

McKenna said the department is conducting an investigation, and has questioned a person in connection to the shooting.

"A suspect has been interviewed in the case, and has considerable knowledge (of the shooting)," he said.

The case, he said, will be turned over to the district attorney once the investigation has been completed.

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