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Letters to the editor

March 4, 2004

Heart-felt thanks

To the editor:

On behalf of the American Heart Association I would like to thank the citizens of Baldwin City for helping to make this year's Cardiac Arrest event such a success. The event raised more than $1,400 to benefit the American Heart Association and help in the fight against the Nation's Number One Killer -- Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke.

The American Heart Association has funded nearly $2 billion in cardiovascular research since 1949. Thanks to such fund raising efforts as Cardiac Arrest, the American Heart Association has also developed useful educational programs targeted toward all ages in order to teach them how to combat heart and blood vessel diseases.

I would like to thank the following people and businesses who have helped to make this successful event possible: Parole Board: Eloise Craig -- Baldwin State Bank; Kathy Davis -- Cotton O'Neil Clinic; Roberta Gloshen -- The Kansas State Bank; Megan Jones -- Health Professional Society; David Mercier -- Baldwin Care Center; Debbie Papps -- Baker University; Trina Schartz -- Espress Yourself; Dee Schenck, Baker University; Krystal Williams -- Stephens Realty; Judge: John Forbes, and the Baldwin City Signal.

Again, thank you to the citizens of Baldwin City for your support of the American Heart Association. We're fighting for your life.

Connie Jo Havens

Regional Director

Star-gazing was wonderful

To the editor:

On a frosty cold clear night, Feb. 22, about 75 students, faculty and community members gathered at the Marion Springs Elementary School grounds for a star watch. What a night! The weather cooperated with hardly a cloud in sight, and the night sky was brilliant with no competing full moon. There were telescopes manned by knowledgeable helpers, all focused in on various "headliners" such as Venus, Saturn and its rings, Jupiter and its moons, Orion, nebulae; and best of all was the viewing of the night sky with the naked eye and locating the winter constellations.

Thank you Rob Westgate for clearing a path to the viewing area; Ardyth Milburn for coming out to heat water for the much needed hot chocolate; and most of all David Theis, BHS science teacher, for organizing this event. I only hope this is the first of many more such events.

Charlene Potter

Baldwin City

Happy for Habitat

To the editor:

Hooray for Baldwin City!

We are the site of the latest Habitat home, housing a carefully selected family bound to be an asset to our community! Can you doubt it, after seeing their photo in the Signal?

Baldwinites may not know that part of the money for the home was raised by Attune, a singing group that has been donating its fees to Habitat for about eight years. We figure we've raised about $12,000. That's overshadowed, of course, by the very generous $20,000 pledged by First United Methodist Church of Baldwin, a wonderful charity-begins-at-home project that makes one feel good about church and community.

Attune began with four Vinland women -- Eloise Craig, Laura Morford, Gloria Roach and Rita Tutschulte. We quickly added Karen Stephenson and Nancy Gibbens of Tonganoxie. Four leads from the Ballad of Black Jack have been part of this money-raising effort -- Karen, Nancy, Robin Miller of Baldwin and Mike Cormack of Lawrence. Alfred Lata of Lawrence has sung at most of our concerts. Ballad string bass player Hal Bundy is a regular.

Attune, presently Karen, Nancy, Alfred and Mike, will be sharing the stage with Clyde Bysom's 20-piece Jazzhauz band in one of two twice-yearly concerts called Swingtime & Coffee, which brings back the music of the forties and fifties.

The event has been growing each time we've done it, and this is our fourth coming up. Our next concert is Sunday, March 28, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Lawrence. No tickets are needed, but there will be a basket for Habitat gifts. The concert raises over a thousand dollars every time, and most of the audience members are repeat attendees, which should tell you something about the caliber of the music.

Now all Habitat needs is for the Baldwin City council members to waive the permit fees. This is Attune's urgent request for them to do this. After all, the Kennedy family will not only be good to have in our midst, but (to be realistic) an addition to the tax rolls!

Don Mueller

Baldwin City

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