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Just a short glimpse at the Signal’s five years

March 4, 2004

With this issue, the Baldwin City Signal celebrates its fifth birthday. It was five years ago, March 3, 1999, that volume 1, number 1 hit the streets of Baldwin.

Wow, where did the time go? It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that we rolled out the first issue. How many of you remember it? The front-page profile was on the three sisters -- Mary Jane Chubb, Charlene Potter and Alice Anne Callahan-Russell. The lead news story was the "plug being pulled on electric official's job."

There's been so much happen over those five years that it's difficult to pick and choose the biggest news or the best feature. Luckily, we've had plenty of both.

The city has grown so much since then and that's probably the biggest news of all. It's also ongoing. When we were starting up, so was FireTree Estates. Now we've got several other "new" housing subdivisions, such as Signal Ridge and the Heritage Addition, just to name a couple.

We've also got five fast-food restaurants that weren't here five years ago, a strip mall and numerous other businesses. We've got a new elementary school and several additions to other various school buildings.

As for pure news, there's been tons of it, both good and bad. No real need to dredge it up, especially the bad news. But, as an example of news, whether you consider it good or bad, we've had two new city administrators, a new police chief and a new superintendent of schools during that time span.

There's also more good news on the horizon with the Downtown Lumberyard Arts Center and the proposed new business park. We've also had untold feature stories. Luckily, all of those were good and there will be more to come.

When it comes to sports, there's been plenty of that, with a good healthy dose of state championships leading the way. On the opinion side, there's been countless columns, editorials and letters to the editor. Just this year, we added a local editorial cartoonist, Gerard Arantowicz, which has generated plenty of interest. Again with those, there will be more in store for Baldwin City.

Through it all, the Signal has been here. In every year we've been eligible, we've won the Kansas Press Association Sweepstakes Award signifying that we're the best newspaper in the state for our division. We take great pride in that, but also know it's because of our readers, who deserve the best.

It's been five years, but we're not done. The Signal will always be here for Baldwin City. We've strived to be the best for the best city in Kansas. That will never change.

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