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BHS principal flown to hospital after fall at house

June 24, 2004

Baldwin High School Principal Allen Poplin was taken by air ambulance Sunday afternoon to the University of Kansas Medical Center after falling from a ladder at his new home under construction north of Baldwin. Poplin was in intensive care as a result of his injuries, but appears to be fine, according to Bret Jones, BHS assistant principal.

"I'd say he's doing pretty well considering he fell 20-some-feet into the basement and landed on the last concrete step," said Jones. "He busted a few bones. If you ask me, he's lucky to be alive."


Poplin broke his femur and had minor fractures to vertebrae in his back, among numerous bumps, bruises and cuts suffered in the fall. He underwent surgery Monday night, but was expected to be released soon.

"He's doing fine and should be back today or tomorrow," said Jones. "He'll be fine. He knew when he hit the floor that he'd broke his leg."

Jones said Poplin didn't suffer any paralysis, but he will probably be in a back brace for an unknown amount of time.

"It'll take awhile for him to heal," he said. "It sure has changed his summer."

Poplin was installing a door-bell wire when the fall occurred in the two-story home. He has been doing much of the work to get it ready for various workers to take over. Now that duty will fall to his sons, Justin and Jarod.

"Jarod and Justin are trying to get things finished up so other people can get in there and finish the work," said Jones.

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