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Letters to the editor

July 22, 2004

To the editor:

The Baldwin City Lions Club wants to take this opportunity to thank our fellow citizens for your continuing support. Do you know what happens every time you buy one of our funnel cakes? You support the Vision Clinic at KU Med Center, Kansas Audio Reader, Kansas Sight Dogs and the Kansas Lions Sight Bus. You put diabetes cookbooks in the hands of your neighbors and provide grants to Kansas tornado victims. Last year you helped build a house for a handicapped family. Locally you provide eye exams, special hearing equipment and software to USD 348 students. On behalf of everyone you let us help in the past years, thank you.


Mike Gammage, president

Baldwin City

To the editor:

I am disappointed, even possibly disgusted, with those members of our community who so diligently find the energy to criticize and judge projects while never lifting a finger to volunteer anything but their pessimistic viewpoints.

I have attended many meetings, conversations and projects where the old "Why is Baldwin so far behind other communities?" question seems prevalent. It is no wonder. Most of you with self-proclaimed opinion doctorates are actually ignorant to the whys and hows and obstacles that were overcome to produce the final results.

Most recently the city put up signs to Spring Creek Park, AKA: Baldwin City Lake. Amazingly enough, a flood of phone calls and emails about how it was done wrong sprang up. Evidently the consideration that the lake is identified by more than one name, and therefore, for directional signage to be useful, needed to state so, is a lot of peoples' biggest problem. Man I wish I was you. An attempt to do something constructive gets tainted with negative energy.

Amazing that the request for volunteers to help improve the lake has less membership than the unrequested volunteers to disapprove of the accomplishments made. I checked my list of volunteers at the last three clean ups and not one of you came out to help.

I use the signage debate as an example because it's inane enough to show you why Baldwin is "behind other communities." If the energy set out to malign projects was at least matched with constructive volunteers we certainly would have a lot more accomplished. Opinions are great; it's what makes democracy work. I just wish that we all took the time to be educated to why things are the way they appear and if we want to criticize it, we find ourselves owing to better it as well. All you've done is disintegrate momentum and cause a "why bother" attitude, one that has long been destroying the lake.

My thanks to the city for your efforts with the signs to the lake. We have something where there once was nothing, and the accomplishment that more people find the lake and enjoy it and that is what we were after. Evidently more of us need to enjoy the serenity there and get our priorities straight. Thanks to all of you with a positive attitude and a helping hand.

As for the keyboard critics on Speakout!, e-mailers and opinion givers, perhaps instead of having the last word, you could have the last good dead. If we could harness that energy and put it to community betterment, maybe other communities would be wondering why Baldwin left them in the dust.

Katie Skinner

Baldwin City

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