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Family still waits for cause of teen’s death

July 22, 2004

While the wait continues for the cause of death of 13-year-old Krystal Bateson in June, doctors are apparently getting closer and there could be an answer this week, according to her mother, Theresa Bateson.

Dr. Bryan Dennett, the Cowley County coroner who is heading the investigation, said there's a possibility it was viral myocarditis, or a cold of the heart. Dennett has sent the tissue samples to the Mayo Clinic for further study.


"He did not feel conclusive that that's what caused it," said Theresa Bateson. "That's why they sent these tissues to the Mayo Clinic. They were hoping that results would be back this week."

Until then, she still waits. Bateson hadn't heard from the coroner and was surprised to read about the viral myocarditis possibility in a newspaper story last week.

"I haven't found anything out," she said. "I had called Wichita last week. I've been a basket case not knowing if it was heridetary or genetic or what. I've got another child (son David) to be concerned about. He was going for a physical last week, so I needed to know."

Bateson has been telling everyone that she'd let them know the cause as soon as she did. But, she didn't know anything until she read the story.

"That's what I feel badly about," said Bateson. "I have been calling and getting nowhere. It makes me wonder when they're going to notifify the family. It kind of makes me look like the bad guy. I told everyone I'd let them know. I didn't know."

Since then she has talked to Dennett and the Bateson's family doctor, Dr. Rodney Barnes. Both are anxious to see the results from the Mayo Clinic, she said.

"I was hoping Dr. Barnes could be involved," she said. "He's been our doctor all along. He knows our history. He delivered Krystal."

Bateson did find out the toxology reports all came back negative. Krystal died June 13 while in Winfield attending a softball tournament.

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