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Wet weather remains in area

July 1, 2004

In a word, it's wet.

Sunday's soaker brought rain gauge reports of all measurements, from .78 of an inch up north, 1.5 inches to the south and various 2-plus inch reports all around Baldwin City. Is it dry yet?


"No, not yet," said Bill Wood, Douglas County agent. "This is all right."

Well, at least for some things.

"Our corn is looking real good," said Wood. "With it staying cool, I think it's got a pretty good chance of a good crop. Someone said they had a crop of soybeans that's flowering.

"Hey, that's early, but everything's early this year," he said.

Before Sunday's saturation, area farmers were able to get the wheat crop in for the most part. Most of the wheat is averaging about 55 bushels to the acre, said Steve Wilson, of Baldwin Feed and Grain.

"There's still some out there, but the majority of it's in," said Wilson. "We're hoping to get some more in Wednesday. We'll just have to see what the weather brings."

Although there's the 55 bushel average, not all wheat is in that group by a long shot.

"It's been a pretty wide variance," said Wilson. "We've had some 35-40 bushel wheat on up to 70. It hasn't all been the same. It's been all across the board."

The early forecast called for a 90 percent chance of rain today, so that's why he was hoping most of the wheat got in Wednesday.

"That's going to put a damper on it," said Wilson. "But, it's good for the fall crops."

Wood thinks some farmers may get a double crop of soybeans in after the wheat, but not many.

"A double crop is possible in the river bottom, but I don't think people with clay ground will be in that position," said Wood.

And then, of course, there's the hay. The rain has either kept a lot of it from being cut or got it wet after it was cut. Time is running out on it as far as quality.

"We'll have a lot of hay that much of it won't be top quality," said Wood. "It's still, for a beef cow in the winter, will be fine. A lot of it is below 8 percent protein now. For those that want high quality, high protein for hay for horses, it's not going to be there."

But, there is one constant with the hay harvest.

"You just want to get it done," he said.

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