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Taking one change at a time

February 5, 2004

To say this week has been odd would be an understatement. With the Signal's switch from Wednesday publication to Thursday, everything has changed.

Most of all, I'm proud of our readers. We expected that we'd have quite a few calls Wednesday morning reporting missed papers. But, we only had one and it wasn't until after 1 p.m. I did have conversations with several people about it who said they were first thinking they were missed, but then remembered the switch.

Then, of course, there was Curtis Trarbach. He stopped in to personally complain about not getting his paper. Of course, he had planned the whole thing, knowing full well about the switch. We had pulled a fast one on him the last time he was in, so it was pay-back time. It was good for a laugh, anyway.

But, the additional day to put out the paper this week was strange to get used to. For the past five years, I've lived and died by Tuesdays, our normal production day. Having another day made for adjustments.

It used to be that we'd get the page count and know the amount of space we would be filling on Friday. That gave us a good idea of what we needed to do. But, now we find that out on Monday afternoon. After a slight glitch, we found that in reality we had a 16-page paper with lots of room. That put us into scramble mode, but, eventually, we found out that wasn't necessary.

The biggest difference was we used to have to develop our film on Sunday to have pictures to beat deadline with. This week, we didn't develop film until Tuesday. That worked really well and is probably one of the biggest changes we'll have to get used to.

But, that extra day also gave us more time for more stories. We thought we were short on that end, but when push came to shove on Wednesday, we had more than we could use. That's a good feeling and gives us a head start on next week.

Aside from work-related matters, it's obvious the switch is going to make a difference in our personal lives, too. I know for me, I used to spend all day Monday and usually until midnight working on stories and pages.

This Monday, however, I was able to go out for a birthday dinner with friends. Three of us have birthdays this week, so we just celebrated together. I would have never been able to do that before.

If that wasn't odd enough, after the huge dinner, it was off to shopping at the mall. I still can't believe it. The main objective was to go to the "sleep store" where two of the group was wanting to buy one of those "sleep number" beds. Like most everyone, I've seen the ads, but had never tried one.

After that big dinner, trying out beds was not exactly a good idea. I was ready to snooze. While the others were listening to the salesman's spiel, I was dozing off. I did find out that my "sleep number" is 35. I think.

I tried several different settings, but the 35 was just right. From that point on, I was practically in dream land. I don't know that it was that bed, though. I think I'd have done the same thing on any bed, as long as it wasn't made of nails.

That was quite an experience. No, I don't have any intention of buying a "sleep number" bed and I'm sure as heck not going to buy any of those $100-plus pillows. I don't care what the salesman says about it lasting forever or anything else. That's just crazy.

I suppose I could get used to both the fancy bed and the fancy pillows. But, first I'm going to have to get used an extra day for publication. One change at a time, thank you very much.

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