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Santa may handle stop signs

December 23, 2004

Up to this point, Baldwin City has had a great holiday season. All the usual events have been enjoyed, such as Baker University's Christmas Candlelight Vespers, the annual Holiday Light Parade including Santa's visit and Holiday Homes Tour.

We've had a nice downtown Christmas tree to enjoy. And, of course, the annual Vinland Nativity Scene has provided its usual feel-good time in the barn north of town. It makes it all seem worthwhile.

It's of course knock on wood time, but the weather has been tame for December. We didn't have the American Civil Liberties Union wagging its finger at us over Santa Claus in the schools spouting Christian beliefs.

But, Christmas is a lot about presents -- a lot, as we all know and hope we all have taken care of by now. There's one more present that looks like we as a city may get, though. It won't be under the tree, but maybe just into the New Year it will happen.

It's "that" subject again. It's those stop signs at Eighth and Dearborn streets that most everyone dread. The subject came up at Monday's city council meeting again. There was no action taken, but it sounds like it will happen and it will happen soon. Chances are, the stop signs will be replaced with yield signs.

That's better than nothing. Be sure and let council members know that you'd love to see this happen. They are being swayed by public opinion. Keep swaying, Baldwin City, and it will happen.

What a great present that would be, even in the category of better late than never.

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