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City, Legion agreement put on temporary hold

December 9, 2004

There will have to be a few tweaks done to a lease agreement between the City of Baldwin City and the American Legion Lloyd Beaton Post 228.

The American Legion post has used the city-owned portion of the building to the west of City Hall for years. The lease and use agreements had expired in 2002 and needed to be rewritten. Council members Tony Brown and Nancy Brown (no relation) volunteered to negotiate with the Legion.

"I thought the negotiations were fair and cordial," said Tony Brown. "I think we have an agreement that is fair to both parties."

Adjutant Post Commander Archer Carlson, who was at the Monday City Council meeting, wasn't so sure.

"I have some questions about the language in the lease," said Carlson. "The term of the lease is 15 years, from 2005 to 2019. My question is, is there credit on the lease money we've already paid? I have a receipt in my pocket for $14 that should have it paid through 2016."

Terms of the agreement call for the Legion to lease the building for $1 per year. Carlson also questioned the wording in the renewal portion of the agreement and a liability item.

"We don't see any reason we should be liable for anything outside the building," Carlson said. "We will not sign it (agreements) like this. These questions need to be explained."

It was decided to hold off on the agreement until the questions can be answered.

"Looks like we're going to have to put this back in the shop for some work," said Mayor Ken Hayes.

Tony Brown agreed to do that.

"I think especially since Nancy (Brown) is not here tonight, I would like to take this back into sub-committee and fix it," said Tony Brown.

But, current Legion Commander Lisa Robertson, who was also at the meeting, told the council she was sure it could be worked out.

"These aren't major problems," Robertson said.

Part of the use agreement also details how the city will utilize the space for municipal court and possibly future city council meetings. Currently, the council meets at the Baldwin City Public Library.

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